Pursuit of Justice: The Raymond Lee Jennings Case


Could Ray Jennings Have Seen Michelle O'Keefe's Killer? 

Who Really Had a View of the Crime Scene?  Throughout the trial, prosecutors maintained that if Ray's story was true, he had to have seen the shooter. That was even cited by the Appeals Court as one of the compelling pieces of "evidence" of Ray's guilt. Conversely, no one ever questioned Victoria Richardson's testimony that neither she nor anyone in the car saw anything relating to the crime and did not hear shots. 

The crime occurred at 9:30 pm on a February night - it was dark. These photos give a daytime look at who could have seen what. 

Take a Look. You decide:  

Ray Jennings' Views

This view is looking West from the approximate position Ray was when he heard the first shot. At this time, he had already heard the car alarm from the far end of the parking lot and was walking in that direction. Ray's vehicle was parked to right of this position. 

 (Click to enlarge photos) 

And, while it is impossible to replicate the nighttime visibility conditions with a daytime photo, look what happens when you darken the photo -


Ray told investigators that upon hearing the first shot, he moved immediately to his right and took cover behind his car and called dispatch, saying,"Shots being fired." The distance from Ray's position to the crime scene is roughly 400 feet (The length of 1.3 football fields). Notice below that even in daylight conditions, with very few cars parked in the row, it is impossible to see all but the rear half of the Mustang's resting place. There is no way Ray could have seen the shooter from his vantage point. 


Victoria Richardson's Views

According to Richardson, she was parked a few spaces from the West end of the lot, along the Northern edge. In her car were, supposedly, a female cousin, the cousin's boyfriend, and Richardson's godson, a boy of about 5. Richardson said she thought she heard a car alarm at some point followed by a "tapping sound." Yet, the position of Richardson's car was only about 100 feet (33 yards) from the crime as it occurred. 

The first photo below is taken from the driver's seat of a car parked in the approximate spot indicated by Richardson. As you can see, the resting place of the Blue Mustang would have been plainly visible and the distance makes her statement of not hearing any shots implausible at best. 

This next view is what a passenger sitting in the rear of Richardson's vehicle would have seen. 



Who Lied?

One thing that needs to be noted here, since he was instrumental in putting Ray in prison, is the absolute amateurish and incompetent nature of Jim Jeffra's so-called investigation. The fact that Jeffra walked this scene, conducted an "investigation" and concluded that it was Ray Jennings who killed O'Keefe, tells me that he was either totally inept or that he had an agenda all along. His statement to MSNBC that he was out to clear Raymond is absurd - he, Rex Parris and the O'Keefes set out to make Raymond look guilty from the start.

Just a simple tour of the crime scene shows Ray's story to be not only plausible, but most likely.  On the other hand, this part of Richardson's story (along with other things she said) is total nonsense. There is no way that three adults sat in that car where she said they were and did not realize this crime was occurring only yards away. 

Also, the fact these witnesses admitted to being in such close proximity to the crime makes it highly unlikely that any other would-be killer would accost O'Keefe knowing there were witnesses close by.

The most logical, rational explanation of who killed Michelle is that it was someone from Richardson's vehicle. 


What is your opinion? 

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