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One of the most troubling aspects of Ray's prosecution was the absolutely incompetent Police investigation. Please view the photos at: http://justiceforray.webs.com/photosofparknride.htm

and judge for yourself. The photos really put into perspective who should have been witness to the crime - Victoria Richardson and her accomplices and how grossly inept the police were in not focusing their investigation on Richardson, a former gang member and drug dealer. The police and indeed, even the Appeallate Court said there is no way Raymond could have been where he said he was and not have seen the shooter. But take a look at the photos - then, You Decide.

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Just watched the Dateline episode and was instantly outraged. I was a security guard in CA for years and did foot patrol in similar parking lots. I can tell you first hand that a guard on night patrol can't see squat in a parking lot that size. And I'll be honest; a unarmed guard doing foot patrol for low wage in a parking lot is typically not very alert because he is not expecting any trouble. I paid little attention to which car drove where and who got into what car, and I was one of the better guards. I've also been in a situation where someone died right next to me of a heart attack and I thought it took him over 5 minutes to die. The truth was it took less than 50 seconds because he was dead before the fire department arrived and they arrived exactly 50 seconds after 911 was called. They happened to have a truck right down the street. But I was upset because I thought it took them forever to get there. They had to bring me a printout of the timeline to convince me otherwise. My recollection was cloudy because I was in shock. Someone just died! My brain went off the rails. I can't express how upset I was at the way Ray's court case was forced into existence. There should never have been a court case. I believe without a doubt that Ray is innocent and I hope his appeal is granted and that he wins. No unarmed guard I ever met, especially his second night on the job, with five kids to feed, and a vet and a Christian, would shoot an innocent customer. It doesn't add up. I absolutely believe Ray was trying to help the cops by playing 'Sherlock Holmes'. I knew many guards who wanted to befriend the police and speculate about events. It's just guard culture, especially for new guards. You want to be part of the team. You're too new to realize that cops don't actually care about a guard's opinion. Polygraphs are a joke. All they measure is stress. I am disgusted with everyone involved in Ray's prosecution.

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