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Does anyone know if this murder followed the MO of gang initiation rites, which might have been the motive of someone in the Richardson vehicle that night? It was quick, probably unplanned, and the cell phone may have been taken so the killer could prove to gang leaders that he (or she) had in fact done the crime which would be necessary for admission to their gang of choice? T.O.B. 

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The gang angle can't be rulled out at this time, but all information & evidence gathered so far point to an attempted carjacking or robbery. 

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I honestly feel that if anyone were to take the time to think about the situation leading up to and after the shooting, there is no way that a reasonable person would come to the conclusion that this had anything to do with a carjacking or a robbery. After four shots were fired, her purse and cash were not taken, so how could this be for the purpose of robbing her? Also, after the shots had been fired, it would have been extremely easy to simply drag her body out of the car and then drive it away. Not only were the keys in the ignition, but the engine was running. This would have been an easy car to take possession of. The only thing that was stolen, so it seems, was the cell phone. Might the perpetrator have been someone whom she had been talking to on the phone just before, and possibly right up to, the point where shots were fired? Did the investigation look into the subscribers/owners of the phone numbers she had been talking to for the hour or two preceeding the shooting? I'm making the educated assumption that this was followed up on, but with so many loose ends having been discovered about this case, it makes sense to ask if this simple task was done. If she had been talking to someone she knew on one of those phone calls, it seems to me those would be good leads to pursue regarding the identity of the assailant. And if you Think Outside the Box on who the person might have been, then no one is off limits when it comes to possibilities. The use of four shots in this case seems to tell the story of passion, jealousy, anger, and spurned desire. Instantaneous rising anger at the lack of ability to control her came out in the excessive number of shots fired. Who had she been emotionally/sexually/amorously/romantically/erotically involved with or linked to for the days, weeks, months or years before that fateful encounter? If there were any, then most were almost certainly known about. But were there any "secret" lovers known to no one but her? Raymond has been exonerated, but the person who pulled that trigger four times is still out there somewhere. Were all her potential partners/suitors or abusers questioned after the murder? 

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