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Dr OBrien
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Just wanted to say that I've been praying for Ray for 11 years... probably longer since the actual murder was in 2000. I knew he didn't do it from the very beginning. I've been following this case since I live about 15 minutes away from the park and ride. We all have seen injustice and some may have a little in each of their lives. I have particularly experienced a lot of legal drama and such and have never had any vindication but yesterday was a day to celebrate!! Praise God! And congratulations to Ray :) A RAY A HOPE TO YOU ;) Hope you really get to experience life again your freedom your family and joy for the rest of your life...unperturbed
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Site Owner
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Well said. Thank you Christine. :)

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Todd Karutz
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My faith in our legal system was at an all time low when I learned about this case thanks to the original prosecution team and most of the original investigators. Thank you Jackie Lacey for doing the right thing and for restoring some of my faith in our system. Also Errol Brown, you should be commended for all of your efforts. Lots of people who saw the Dateline about Ray were outraged(including me) but you had the balls to actually do something about it. 

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Thanks Todd. Also, as I hope you all will soon learn, Ray was helped by true angels in the form of attorney Jeff Ehrilch and his sons Clint and Reid. Clint is the one who first became interested in the case and contacted me. Shortly thereafter, he pitched the case to his dad, Jeff, who took Ray on as a client. Not only has Jeff been his lawyer, he is also a true believer and has fought tirelessly for Ray's release. His passion for getting Ray out of prison and for proving his innocence has been unmatched. He has defied every stereotype of the typical defense attorney and has fought for Ray as though he was his own brother. If this country had 100 lawyers like Jeff, our world would be a much better place. Clint is a brilliant law student in his own right and I'm sure Reid is as well. The three of them are true American heroes. 

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